DFE Consulting Expediting

DFE is a consulting team assisting architects, engineers, contractors and homeowners in the construction industry.

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DFE Engineering Structural/Architectural Engineering

DFE Structural and Architectural Engineers provide structural system design services for New Building Construction, Renovations, Restorations, Conversions and Additions to Existing Structures – with sustainability in mind.

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DFE Special Inspections

DFE is a Department of Buildings special inspection agency providing Technical report inspections and progressive inspections for TR-1 and TR-8 residential and commercial project.

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DFE Construction Management Supervision

DFE combines the experience of senior engineers with the innovation of our youngest engineers to arrive at better building solutions for our clients.

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What We Can Offer


A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) describes the legal occupancy and legal layout permitted on a building. DFE is committed to obtain your final certificate of occupancy. Having a CO confirms that the construction work is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. So you can legally occupy your building.


A team of expeditors to assist general contractors, architects, engineers and homeowner to pull construction, plumbing, mechanical, new building permits, fire suppression permits, etc.


It is important that any issued ECB violation gets resolved quickly to ensure public safety and to reduce the total amount of fines you may owe. DFE will assist you to resolve your ECB violations expeditiously.

Expediting in 7 steps

DFE offers its clients assistance in regards to Building Code and Zoning Regulations issues.Our expert team will provide you with a thorough zoning and building analysis in order to be able to plan your building design.

A field site inspection and survey must be conducted at your premises in order to prepare required drawings. Plans must be drafted and prepared to meet department of buildings criteria.

Having the plans prepared is not enough for department of buildings. There is a myriad of forms that must be prepared in order to complete the package to submit to department of buildings.

Experienced expeditors will submit plans and paperwork to department of buildings. The process could be lengthy and that is when your job takes form under a job number and exists at Department of Buildings. DOB will then assign your job application to a plan examiner and the review might take up to 45 business days.

Obtaining approvals is a challenging process with Department of Buildings. DFE team of experienced professional engineers and expeditors will ensure that plans and applications meet Department of Building codes, regulations and criteria.

When the job is finally approved, work can only start after pulling required working permits. The expeditors will then prepare paperwork to pull permits for the licensed contractor, licensed plumber, etc. The contractors must do construction as per approved plans.


DFE expeditors will work along with contractors to schedule required inspections and attend construction inspections. After passing all required inspections, sign-offs will be issued by DOB. After sign-offs are obtained then your job application is ready for final certificate of occupancy or final letter of completion.